Commis Chef Jobs

Commis chef is the French culinary term for an apprentice chef working in a large professional kitchen. A commis chef trains under another chef (a chef de partie), thereby learning the role and job responsibilities of that particular chef’s station. Typically, a commis chef is someone who has recently graduated from culinary school or is in process of completing a culinary arts program.

Commis Chef Jobs

Jobs for commis chefs are a source for learning and on-the-job training, and involve grunt work, such as chopping and basic food preparation. Working as a commis chef is crucial to gaining the professional experience necessary to become a better chef; commis chefs train under more experienced chefs who can teach you the tips and tricks you won’t learn in culinary school.

Entry-level commis chefs or apprentices should not expect to shoulder a large amount of responsibilities. While you will undoubtedly be involved in food preparation, the apprentice-level chef position is meant as a transition between culinary school and the professional chef’s kitchen.

Depending on your culinary training or specialization (for example, whether you completed a general culinary arts program or specifically focused on pastry arts and baking), your time as a commis chef could involve training at many different chef de partie stations. Commis chefs training under pastry chefs will typically focus on the different pastry chef jobs and not venture out into other kitchen stations.

On the other hand, working as a commis chef is a great way to pick a specialization or which chef station you would most like to work in. Typically, a commis chef will spend several months working under a chef de partie at a given station, thereby allowing you to learn the job responsibilities of that station through hands-on experience. As a commis chef, you’ll get a sense for the pressures and pacing of working in a professional chef de partie kitchen.

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