Pastry Schools and Baking Schools

Pastry Schools and Baking Schools offer top degree programs and training in pastry arts, baking, and Le Cordon Bleu pâtisserie (the French pastry arts technique). Baking and pastry schools are, in other words, vocational or specialty culinary schools. If you are interested in becoming a pastry chef, attending a pastry arts school is a vital step towards establishing and advancing your culinary career. Whether you want to be a pâtissier (a pastry chef), a boulanger (a baker), or a glacier (a cold desserts chef), there are many different pastry schools offering pastry arts training and baking courses which can meet your career needs.

Most pastry schools offer Associates and/or Bachelor’s degrees in programs like pastry arts, pastry and baking, baking arts, and Le Cordon Bleu pâtisserie. These programs vary in length and the scope of the training offered.

Here at we’re dedicated to bringing you information and resources about different pastry schools in the United States and abroad.

Choosing a Pastry School

When researching different pastry and baking schools, it is important to keep certain questions in mind:

  • Would you willing be to relocate, or do you want to find a school near where you currently live?
  • Similarly, are you looking for a pastry school in a specific city (say, New York or San Francisco)?
  • Will you be seeking financial aid or other help in financing your studies?
  • What type of degree do you want? An Associates degree? A Bachelor’s degree? Or would you be more interested in a shorter pastry certificate program?
  • Do you have specific career goals in mind? For example, do you want to work as a baker in a restaurant?
  • Is the possibility of a professional internship in the food industry important to you (i.e., in a bakery or hotel)? Would you prefer the pastry school offer career placement services to aid you in finding your first pastry chef job?

Degrees and Certificates in Pastry Arts and Baking Arts

Not all pastry schools offer the same degree programs and courses. The Bachelor of Arts degree in Pastry Arts is the longest and most extensive culinary training program. Next is the Associate of Applied Science degree in Pastry and/or Baking. Finally, there are certificate programs in Baking and Pastry Arts, which are the shortest pastry chef training programs.

Baking and Pastry Courses

  • Culinary arts theory and pastry technique
  • Different types of dough: shortcrust, puff pastry, choux pastry
  • Baking breads and quick breads
  • Baking desserts such as cakes
  • Candy making and confectionery
  • Dessert and cake icing and decorating
  • Pastry fillings
  • Specialty and international pastry techniques (such as French Pastry or Le Cordon Bleu pâtisserie)
  • Frozen or cold desserts
  • Food presentation and dessert plating
  • Display and centerpieces, specifically cakes
  • Nutrition
  • Food and culinary sanitation
  • Catering
  • Restaurant and hotel management

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